The Patrimoine Consortium

Our Natural Capital projects consist of a consortium with experts from academia, conservation, NGOs, project operations, finance, and investment. Current undertakings by members of the consortium include:

• Operator for blue carbon (mangrove) REDD+ project covering over 20,000 hectares. Projects aims to preserve over 80 species of birds, 4 species of endangered turtles as well as numerous marine species including the Gray Whale. The project site is also UNESCO World Heritage candidate.

• Operator for peat forest REDD+ project covering over 60,000 hectares. Project meets all 17 of United Nations Social Development Goals (UN SDG) including preservation of forests, indigenous wildlife, and the improvement of the livelihood of local communities.

• An NGO over 2 million hectares of sustainable tropical forests being managed and certified under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or equivalent programs.

• Ongoing discussions with various stakeholders on several potential blue carbon (mangrove) and marine life conservation projects (total combined area =>100,000 hectares) in Sabah, Malaysia.

• Ongoing discussions with various stakeholder on potential blue carbon (mangrove) and wildlife conservation projects in Khulna Div., Bangladesh.

• Identification and assessment of potential project areas in Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.