Patrimoine’s Natural Capital Offering

• Assess and design carbon feasibility studies, opportunities, and optimization strategies.

• Develop end-to-end carbon projects including project design, documentation, methodology development, legal, and regulatory framework.

• Management of carbon credit products and projects with various degrees of complexity including inter-alia, community and stakeholder engagement at all project stages including management of public and investor relations.

• Integrate and augment multiple long-term forest, land and coastal objectives including other ecosystem assets e.g., biodiversity and community development initiatives with carbon credit opportunities.

• Facilitate ongoing monitoring and verification, as well as periodic re-inventory of the forest, required as by applicable carbon standards, throughout project life including registration of carbon credits, verification audits, submission of verification results.

• Optimization of project financials from revenue cycles (i.e., carbon creation and trading), capital management (incl. fund raising) to integration with capital markets including traditional (e.g., equity and bond issuance) and new (e.g., blockchain and digital currencies) platforms.