CAN Media Limited retains Chiliogon Partners LLP as advisor

Chiliogon Partners LLP is pleased to announce that it has been retained by CAN Media Limited to secure private equity funding for the further roll out of its captive audience media networks.

CAN Media is a media holding company and owns, amongst other interests, the Life Channel. The Life Channel is a provider of captive audience networks, including a network of over 900 GP surgeries in the UK. It is currently developing its business in the international market.

Chiliogon Managing Director David Weill said, “We are pleased to assist CAN Media with this funding round and find the valuation of the company attractive given the exceptional future growth prospects.”

Phil Austin, Chairman of CAN Media said, “We look forward to working with Chiliogon to secure funding and have found the due diligence and verification process to be extensive and highly professional.”